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  • 7.5 inch 2.4G E ink price tag

7.5 inch 2.4G E ink price tag

Communication frequency: Wireless 2.4G

Free API and SDK file, easy integration with POS/ ERP system

Demo software for free testing

L*W*Thickness: 178mm(H) ×127mm(V)×9mm(D)

Display area: 163.2mm(H) × 97.92mm(V)

Display color: black white red

Display size: 7.5 inches

Display resolution: 800(H)×480(V)

DPI: 124

Weight: 188g/piece

  • Product Info

English name: E ink price tag or Electronic shelf label system or ESL tag etc.

Definition: E ink price tag is an electronic display device placed on the shelf that can replace traditional paper price tags.

The difference from traditional paper price tags is that E ink price tags are in the form of electronic products, which can be recycle use repeatedly changed prices, replaced promotion templates, pictures, etc.

However the paper label can only be used one time and is fixed. Once any information of products needs to be changed, the paper needs to be reprinted. From a long-term environmental protection perspective, paper labels are not conducive to protecting the environment.


E ink price tag


Product Show for 7.5 inch 2.4G E ink price tag

Support black-white-red three-color display

Transmission Technology: Radio frequency 2.4G

Transmission Range: Cover 30-50 meters area.

Display Template: Customizable, dot matrix image display is supported.

Operating Temperature: 0 ℃ ~40 ℃ for normal tag

Communication and Interaction: Two-way communication, real-time interaction

Product Standby Time: 5 years, battery can be replaced.

System Docking: Text, Excel, Intermediate Data Import Table, Customized development and so on is supported.


E ink price tag


Application and Working Principle for 7.5 inch 2.4G E ink price tag

The scope of application of E ink price tag: supermarkets, warehouses, chain stores, pharmacies, and other logistics systems. Product forms include LCD display, dot matrix electronic paper screen, button battery

E ink price tag have 1.54/2.13/2.13-F/2.66/2.9/3.5/4.2/4.2-W/4.3/5.8/7.5/12.5 inch and other specifications.


Each E ink price tag is connected to the computer database in the store through 2.4G wireless, and the latest commodity price is displayed on the screen on the E ink price tag

E ink price tag have actually succeeded in incorporating shelves into computer programs, getting rid of the situation of manually changing price labels and achieving price consistency between the cashier POS system and the shelves.


E ink price tag


E ink price tag


1. Hardware:7.5 inch 2.4G E ink price tag:

    Display products price and information on the shelves.

2. Base station:

    Exchange the data between the server and esl electronic shelf label.

    ESL server (Software) connects base station and reads customer

    database Automatically.

    The base station will send signals to E ink price tag shelf label by 2.4G wirelessly.

3. Handheld PDA reader: (only used for network software)

    Bind the merchandise bar-code and E ink price tag ID. Mainly used for network software

    Or use own mobile to install App

E ink price tag


3 type software for E ink price tag

Demo software for free use, mainly used for demo samples testing


E ink price tag


Standalone software

It is suitable for modifying prices in local stores.


E ink price tag


Network software

It supports remote price modification, API file can be provided to support customers to integrate into their own systems.


E ink price tag


FAQ for E ink price tag

Q:How to install 7.5 inch E ink price tag?

A: We have different accessories for this 7.5 inch E ink price tag

Backplane connector + display base, which can be applied to different shelves or stand independently to display product information, prices, etc.


E ink price tag


Q:Where do I get the software for E ink price tag? How to install?

A: First need to purchase the hardware:

* E ink price tag and base station

*Demo software will be sent to you for free, then install on your computer will be okay.

We will send you user guide and video

*Option2: Based on your own requirement, If you need stand-alone version software or network version software, after payment, we will

send you the download link of the software together with the user guide and setting files.

If you have any questions, our engineers will also remotely help guide the operation and installation.


Q: How many base stations are needed per store?

A: A single base station can cover up to 5 thousand E ink price tag, and has 10-25 meters radius coverage area.


E ink price tag


Q: Do you have a demo kit for ESL Price Tag?

A: Yes. Complete demo package can be provided. Customers can also choose the size they want according to their needs.

Demo software is free for sample order.


E ink price tag


Q: What is your E ink price tag MOQ?

A: Any quantity is acceptable for your order. And the price is negotiable for large quantity.

Usually at least need 1piece tag+1piece base station+ free demo software


Q: We only want to buy hardware E ink price tag, and I don't want to use your software is it okay?

A: Yes, we support you to use our E ink price tag to integrate with your own software or system, we can provide middleware, a kind of development file similar to SDK

You can choose to use our network version of the software, we provide API files to integrate with your POS system, etc.

Q:What are the features of your E ink price tag network version of the software?

A:Our network software has the display of E ink price tag temperature and power. Customers can check the status of the E ink price tag on the web page, and if integrated, the software developed by the customer can also be displayed.


Q:What kind of SDK files do you provide?

A:The application environment of the sdk is the linux version of .net core.

We can provide middleware programs similar to sdk, and customers can develop their own software to call our programs to control the price tag changes.


Q:Does your company's E ink price tag have any advantages compared with other price tags?

*our E ink price tag, which can update the information display content under all scene management with one click, and the refresh rate is extremely fast, which can quickly replace the multi-scene information display. 

*Using high-resolution, high-contrast electronic paper, the power consumption in the static state is basically zero, the power consumption is extremely low, and the battery life can be as long as 5 years.

*Each E ink price tag has a unique ID number, a unique data encryption system, and wireless 2.4G connection transmission, and encrypted processing to ensure data security.


Factory show for E ink price tag


electronic price tag


International certificate for E ink price tag


ESL smart tags


If want to know more, please click the picture below to see different sizes of E ink price tag


esl electronic shelf label