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  • Electronic shelf labels

Electronic shelf labels

433MHz frequency transmission
15m transmission distance
Signal stability
Convenient management
Long service life
Strong adaptability to environment
Multilingual software
API/SDK available

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Electronic shelf labels are price tags that use electronic ink screen technology to display commodity prices. This is a new type of hot-selling product, mainly used in supermarkets, retail stores, luxury stores and other places of different sizes. Electronic labels are installed on the shelves to display product information, prices, and origins to help consumers better understand products. ESL system provides the perfect solution for the retail industry

digital shelf label

Advantages of Digital price tag

No need to buy paper labels to change prices

Won't get stains and block the price

Reusable, at the e-ink price label of the battery (replaceable) can be used for more than 5 years

Real-time price changes

Manage and change commodity prices remotely

Support integration of POS/ERP system

Improve the beauty and cleanliness of the store and bring a good consumer experience to consumers

application of ESL price label

Application of Electronic price labeling-Water proof

ESL display price tag system

What are the size options for our Electronic price display system?

E ink price label

What transmission technology does your ESL price tag adopt?

We mainly provide ESL with two transmission frequencies of 433 MHz RF technology and 2.4 GHz technology

These two technologies are not easy to receive interference from mobile phones and WIFI signals

The anti-interference ability is relatively high

The transmission signal is stable

433MHz technology                                                          2.4GHz technology

two different technologies e ink price label

Base station: used to receive server instructions and transmit them to E paper price tag

The signal coverage of the base station is a radius of 15 meters. Within this range, there is no limit to the number of price tags connected to the base station

ESL tag

Specifications of electronic price label (2.9 inch)

Label length × width × thickness

89mm(H) ×44.4mm(V)×13.5mm(D)



Display color

black White Red/black White Yellow

Display size

2.90 inch

display resolution




Display area


Viewing angle


Communication frequency



Private agreement

Static power

Less than 4uA  

Communication distance

More than 25 meters (open environment)

Communication success rate


Label battery life

Not less than 5 years, support replacement (the number of refreshes does not exceed 3 times a day, the battery capacity is 1200mAh)

battery model


Operating temperature


Storage temperature


Working environment humidity


Parameters of the base station

Parameter indicator name 

Parameter value 


Structure size 

120mm*120mm*30mm (length * width * thickness)


Operating voltage 



Operating current 

less than 200mA





Communication Mode 



Communication distance 

20-50 meters


Operating temperature range 



Storage temperature range  






Data Interface 1 

Standard network cable interface


Data Interface 2 

WIFI network interface

Optional matching


Indicator light 

Working status indication (R/ Y/B)


Appearance color 



We have a full set of hardware and software available to customers 

Complete package of E Shelf Label Demo Kit available

esl system demo kit package



Standalone software:Suitable for single store use 

ESL system standalone software

Network software: Supports integration into customer's POS system via API

ESl price tag network software

Why choose Highlight Company and our digital shelf label?

Highlight provides solutions in the retail industry for more than 17 years, with professional product experience and rich export experience

Different certificates can meet customer requirements for products and exports

Professional pre-sales and after-sales service, 24/7 hours online to provide customers with solutions

Provide professional technical services such as digital shelf tag integration consultation, remote control software, and hardware installation problems.

Electronic price tag system is manufactured by professional ISO certified factory

Provide API/SDK

Adequate supply and production capacity

Guaranteed delivery time

OEM/ODM available

Electronic shelf label factory

FAQ about supermarket shelf price label 

1>What can the use of Digital price label bring to the store?

1. Improves the overall cleanliness and aesthetics of the store

2. Make customers' shopping experience better

3. Increased foot traffic of potential customers

4. Increase sales potential

5. Saves manpower, financial and material resources for replacing paper labels

6. Easier management of product prices


2>Does the E-ink shelf label use battery or charge?

E-ink shelf label uses button battery model CR2450, which is not rechargeable. The battery life of a set of batteries is about 5 years, and customers can easily find replacement batteries locally.

ESL system battery

3>In which places and environments can E-ink display price tag be applied?

E-ink display price tags are mainly installed on supermarket shelves, frozen food cabinets, near aquatic products, and various profitable stores to display prices

We have waterproof covers, freezer labels, and support different environments to use labels


4>Do you have frozen electronic price tag?

Yes, we have 2.13 inch electronic price tags for frozen food


5>In what temperature environment can E paper tag be used?

The operating temperature of our ESL can support 40℃ to -25℃.

 0 ℃ ~40 ℃ for normal tag,-25 ℃~15 ℃ for tag used in Frozen environment.


6>What operating system does the server software support?

Windows OS


7>How do I know the price of the digital ink display label has changed?

When the price is modified successfully, the price tag will flash light to indicate that the price has been changed successfully

There will also be corresponding price change information in the software that can be viewed.