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  • 2.9 inch Digital price label
  • 2.9 inch Digital price label
  • 2.9 inch Digital price label

2.9 inch Digital price label

Size: 91.2mm(H) ×42mm(V)×12mm(D)
Display color: Black-White-Red
Operating temperature: 0~40℃
Resolution: 296(H)×128(V)
Display area: 66.9mm(H)×29.06mm(V) 
Transmission technology: 2.4GHz
Battery life: 5 years
Free demo software

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Digital price label replaces the paper price label, reduces the manpower required to maintain the paper label, avoids the price error caused by the paper label, and reduces the cost of purchasing the paper label, saving manpower and more costs.

Product Show for 2.9” Digital Price Label 

2.9” Digital Price Label


1.2.9 inch digital price label system is the size chosen by many customers, because its size is similar to that of ordinary paper labels and can optimize the price display effect on the shelf.

2.No need to replace paper labels, saving labor. Digital shelf label is an intelligent system that automatically updates prices.

3. It supports the management of product prices of different stores from the headquarters control center.

4.Digital shelf label system can be integrated with the POS system and keep the same price with the POS system.

5.Reduce losses caused by labor operation price difference.

6.Real time price update, fast and convenient, reducing the time and cost of manual price replacement by employees.

application for 2.9 inch digital price label system

Supermarket digital price label

Software for Digital Price Tags

How to use the installation accessories for 2.9 inch Digital Price Tag?

We have different installation accessories for 2.9 inch Digital price tag, details as below:

installation for 2.9 inch price label

accessories for digital price label

FAQ for E-ink Display Digital Price Labels

1. What is base station? Is a base station necessary for Digital price label system?


Yes, a base station is must for Digital price label system.

The base station is used to receive the instruction from the server to modify the price, and then send the instruction to all price tags.

ESL base station

2. Do I have to use your software?

No, If you have an IT team or integration ability, you can integrate your POS/ERP or other software with our base station directly. We will provide SDK files to support you to integrate.

You can use your software to control our base stations and modify the price tag accordingly.


3. Why use Supermarket Digital Price Label?

ESL digital price tag is a trend in the new retail industry. Many customers are looking for solutions to build a high-end retail store. Digital price tag is recognized and selected by the public.

It fundamentally reduces human, material and financial resources. One time investment brings more potential advantages to the store.


4. Where can I use Digital Price Tag?

Digital price tags can be deployed in many retail stores, such as supermarkets, shopping malls, terminal stores, high-end retail stores, meeting rooms, pharmacies, aquatic markets, etc


5. What battery does the 2.9 inch Digital Price Label use?

Digital price label uses non reusable battery packs, button batteries. Customers can find them in the local market easily.

Battery for ESL label

6. Can you introduce your company?

We started the business in year 2006 and we provide different products for retail which are manufactured by Professional and ISO certificated factory.

We supply items all over the world for many years, especially in American, European, Oceania markets. We have rich export experience.

We are one of the main ESL Digital Price Tags suppliers in China.

digital price label factory

ESL price label manufacturer

7. What is your MOQ for Digital Shelf Label?

Any quantity is available, for bulk orders, we have preferential prices.


8. I want to buy Supermarket Digital Price Label, how do I pay you?

We support TT bank transfer, credit card, PayPal etc.

You can also ask your Chinese forwarder to help you pay directly. We support multi-currency payments, USD, RMB and EUR.