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  • 4.2 inch Digital price tag
  • 4.2 inch Digital price tag
  • 4.2 inch Digital price tag
  • 4.2 inch Digital price tag

4.2 inch Digital price tag

Size:99.2mm(H) ×89mm(V)×12mm(D)

Display color: Black-White-Red

Operating temperature: 0~40℃

Resolution: 400(H)×300(V)

Display area: 84.8mm(H)×63.6mm (V)

Transmission technology: 2.4GHz

Battery life: up 3- 5 years

Free demo software

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Market advantages of Digital Price Tag

• Digital price tag is also called Electronic Shelf Label(ESL),Its application in the market has been popularized. Many supermarkets and retail stores have deployed the Digital price tag system to achieve precise management, improve customer experience and build high-level terminal/chain stores.

• The latest 2.4GHz transmission technology has more advantages, fast price changing, strong anti-interference ability, and smooth transmission of instructions.

• SDK/Protocol available for customer's IT team to integrate into their own system.

• Digital shelf tag is a promising product that is rapidly adopted and accepted by customers around the world.

Digital price label

Product Show for 4.2” Digital Price Tag 

 Light, thin, three-dimensional design

 Black-White-Red tri-color display to attract customers

 It supports wet environment us

E-ink display price tag

Parameters of 4.2 Digital Shelf Tag System


Function parameter

Product number


Label length x width x thickness

99.2mm(H) ×89mm(V)×12mm(D)



Display color


Display size

4.2 inch

Display resolution




Display area

84.8mm(H)×63.6mm (V)

Viewing angle


Communication frequency band



Private protocol

Communication distance

Communication radius more than 25 meters(open environment)

Communication success rate


Operating temperature


Storage temperature


Working environment humidity


Application for Digital Shelf Label System 

Digital shelf label system is widely used in supermarkets, wet markets, shopping malls, retail stores, aquatic markets and other places.

Electronic price tag
4.2 inch digital price tag

4.2 inch digital shelf tags adopt IP67 waterproof technology, which can support use in humid environment. 

Electronic price label

Software for ESL Digital Shelf Tag 

 Demo software: Free for sample order

 Stand alone software: Suitable for single store to change price locally.

 Network software: It supports to integrate into customer’s POS system, suitable for chain store use

Digital price tag system
Digital shelf label system

FAQ for ESL Price Tag 

1. Do you have demo kit for Digital E-ink Price Label?

Yes, digital E-ink price label demo kit is available, please check the below image.

  ESL price tag

2. How many sizes of your 2.4G E-ink display price tag?

9 sizes are available, 1.54”, 2.13 '', 2.66”, 2.9 '', 3.5”, 4.2 '' 4.3”, 7.5 '' and 12.5” are standard sizes. We can also customize other sizes according to your needs.

3. How to install 4.2 inch Digital Shelf Tags on supermarket shelves? 

We provide different accessories for customers to choose; these accessories can put the Digital shelf labels on the shelf or put it near the product.

ESL price tag

4. What does a complete Supermarket Digital Price Tag include? What hardware do I need to buy?

A complete supermarket digital price tag includes tags, Base station, Software and Accessories.

Base station is used to receive instructions from the software (Sever), and then distribute the price change instructions to all tags.

So, tag, base station and software are necessary for a Price tag system.

5. Can I integrate Digital Price Tag System into my own system?

Yes, of course. We provide SDK and API for your integration. Your IT team can handle this easily.

6. How do I bind the product to the Digital price label?

Customers can use their mobile phones to download relevant software and use it to scan the QR code of the product and the QR code of the label, thereby binding them.

Or you can buy our PDA and use it to quickly bind information.

 PDA for ESL system

7. How many colors can 4.2 inch Digital Price display?

3 colors are available; black-white-red can be displayed on the E-ink screen.

8. How is the E Shelf Tag powered? Use Battery or charger?

E shelf tag is powered by a non-replaceable battery pack with a lifespan of about 3-5 years, and the battery can be easily purchased in the local market

Base station is powered by AC adapter.