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  • 3.5 inch Electronic price label system
  • 3.5 inch Electronic price label system
  • 3.5 inch Electronic price label system

3.5 inch Electronic price label system

Size: 100.99mm(H) ×49.79mm(V)×12.3mm(D)
Display Resolution: 384(H)×184(V)
Communication Frequency: 2.4G
Battery Life: more than 5 years
Battery: CR2450*2
Free demo software

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3.5 inch electronic price label system is widely used in different stores, supermarkets, high-end retail stores, furniture malls and convenience stores.
Electronic price label replaces the traditional paper price label, saving the budget for frequent purchase of paper labels. Its small and slim shape has won more potential profits for the stores.

3.5 inch Electronic price label system


Working Principle for ESL Price Label System

Working Principle for E-ink price label


A complete ESL price label system includes base station, labels, software and installation accessories.

Price label is used to display the price, date and picture information of the product.

The base station is used to receive the instruction (modify the price) sent by the server, and then distribute the instruction to all labels.

PDA is a tool used to bind product information and label quickly.

Software for Electronic Price Tag System

We have two software can meet the needs of different customers.

Standalone software supports customers to modify prices in local stores, which is convenient and easy to operate.

Network software supports customers to integrate into their own systems, so as to realize remote price management. Many of our chain store customers have integrated the ESL system into their POS system successfully.

Software for E price labels


Specifications for 3.5 inch Electronic Label System



Basic parameters


100.99mm(H) ×49.79mm(V)×12.3mm(D)





Color Display


Display Size

3.5 inch

Display Resolution




Active Area


View Angle




Battery Life

Refresh 4 times a day, no less than 5 years

Operating Temperature


Storage Temperature


Operating Humidity


Waterproof Grade


Communication parameters

Communication Frequency


Communication Protocol


Communication Mode


Communication Distance

Within 30m (open distance: 50m)

Functional parameters

Data Display

any language, text, image, symbol and other information display

Temperature Detection

Support temperature sampling function, which can be read by the system

Electric Quantity Detection

Support the power sampling function, which can be read by the system

LED Lights

Red, Green and Blue , 7 colors can be displayed

Cache Page

8 pages


How to install 3.5 inch Electronic Display Price Label?

We have different installation accessories to match your needs perfectly.

ESL price tag


Application for Supermarket Electronic Price Labels

E-ink display price label system


Advantages of the E-ink Price Labels

E-ink price label

1. E-ink screen technology perfectly displays product price and origin information.

2. Black, white and red, multi-color display, more attractive to customers.

3. Replace paper labels that need to be replaced frequently, which is more convenient and cost-effective.

4. 9 different sizes to meet customer needs.

5. It supports rapid price modification, saving labor and time for manual label replacement. Catch up with the sales opportunity.

6. It supports the integration into the customer's POS / ERP system.

7. API / SDK can be provided.

Do you have CE certificate for Electronic Price Tag?

Of course, all our electronic price tags are CE approved with high quality.

Certificate for Electronic Price Tag

A complete demo kit package for E Price Labels

Electronic shelf tag

Please click below image for more sizes of E-ink Display Price Label System

Electronic price tag