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  • 4.3 inch ESL label system
  • 4.3 inch ESL label system
  • 4.3 inch ESL label system

4.3 inch ESL label system

Outline: 129.5mm (H) ×42.3 mm (V) ×12.28mm(D)
Communication Frequency : 2.4G
Active Area: 105.44mm (H) ×30.7 mm (V)
Battery :CR2450*3 pcs
Battery Life: 5 year
Operating Temperature : 0~40℃
Waterproof Grade: IP65,support customized into IP67
Communication Protocol: Private

  • Product Info

4.3 inch ESL label system is mainly used in supermarkets, high-end retail stores, luxury stores and many chain stores.

The thin and thin shell is loved by many customers and selected by the public

The 2.4G E Shelf Label System is an innovation of retail stores. Our purpose is to provide customers with the best solutions, so that customers can create a new wave of high-end retail stores.



Product Show for 4.3 inch ESL Label System

4.3 inch supermarket ESL Label System


1. No need to replace paper labels, saving labor. E Shelf Label System is an intelligent system that automatically updates prices.

2. It supports the management of product prices of different stores from the headquarters control center.

3. Electronic Shelf Labels can be integrated with the POS system and keep the same price with the POS system.

4. Reduce losses caused by labor operation price difference.

5. Real time price update, fast and convenient, reducing the time and cost of manual price replacement by employees.


How to install 4.3 inch ESL Price Label System?

We have different installation accessories for 4.3 inch ESL price tag.

Brackets for 4.3 inch ESL system


Application for ESL Price Tag System 

ESL price tag display


Nowadays, more and more customers pay attention to the overall level of the store and their shopping experience. ESL label system has become a primary choice.

It saves the cost and time for employees to replace labels, and also improves the level of the store and the shopping experience of potential customers. It has brought a potential rise period for the sales volume of the store.

Working Principle for ESL Shelf Tag System

Realize remote management of prices of all branches, catch up with the peak of promotion, and achieve greater profits.

ESL Shelf Tag System

FAQ for Supermarket Shelf Label System

1. How can I operate ESL tags to modify prices? Do you provide software?

Yes, we will provide you with software to modify the price and make templates.

We have two different software options.

Standalone software: suitable for retail stores, and supports price modification in local stores

Network software: It can support integration into the customer's system, such as POS/ERP system.


2. How to power the base station?

The Base station is powered by AC adapter.


3. Can you show me the factory of ESL Label System?

We started the business in year 2006 and we provide different products for retail which are manufactured by Professoional and ISO certificated factory.
In order to ensure high quality, we comply with IS09001 standards strictly and most of our products are CE, RoSH and MSDS approved.
We supply items all over the world for many years, especially in American, European, Oceanian markets.


Electronic shelf label factory


4. How many sizes of your 2.4G ESL Price Label System?

9 sizes are available, 1.54”, 2.13 '', 2.66”, 2.9 '', 3.5”, 4.2 '' 4.3”, 7.5 '' We can also customize other sizes according to your needs.


5. What is your MOQ for Digital Shelf Label?

Any quantity is available, for bulk orders, we have preferential prices.


6 .Please click the picture below to see different sizes of ESL Price Tags.

ESL display price tag system