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  • 1.54 inch ESL price tag
  • 1.54 inch ESL price tag

1.54 inch ESL price tag

Size: 49mm(H)×37.62mm(V)×13.3mm(D)
Active Area : 27.51mm(H)×27.51mm(V)
Color: Black-White-Red
Display Resolution: 200(H)×200(V)
Operating Temperature:0~40℃
Communication Frequency: 2.4G
Battery life: 5 years

  • Product Info

As the smallest ESL price tag in our smart retail solution, the 1.54 inch ESL price tag is cheap and compact, and is especially popular in small supermarkets and stores. 

One employee can manage many products on the shelf easily; ESL display price tag pushes the store to the high-end smart stage

ESL price tag system

Product Show for 1.54 inch Price Tag

Support black-white-red three-color display

The QR code of the price tag is displayed on the side, keeping the uniformity of the price tag

Smallest size with cheapest price

1.54 inch ESL display price tag

Application and Working Principle for ESL Price Tag System 

1.54 inch ESL tags

Software for ESL Tag System 

Standalone software 

It is suitable for modifying prices in local stores.

software for ESL price tag

Network software 

It supports remote price modification, API file can be provided to support customers to integrate into their own systems.

software for ESL price tag system

1. How to install 1.54 inch Digital Price Tag?

We have different installation methods for accessories, the following are three popular methods.

Backplane connector + Display base

1.54 inch display price tag

T-shape hanger for Price Tag System

1.54 inch ESL tag

ESL digital price tag

2. Where do I get the software for ESL Price Tag? How to install?

A:  After purchasing the corresponding software, we will send the download link of the software to the customer along with the instructions and setting files.

Software supports Windows OS.


3. What hardware do I need to buy?

A:  A complete ESL system needs to include, tag, base station and software.

Price tag is used to display the price.

Software is used to modify the price.

The base station is used to receive commands from the software and communicate the commands to all tags.

4. How to power the base station?

A:  The Base station is powered by AC adapter.


5. Do you have a demo kit for ESL Price Tag?

Yes. Complete demo package can be provided. Customers can also choose the size they want according to their needs.

Demo software is free for sample order.

Demo kit package for Electronic price tag

6. Can the 1.54 inch Electronic price tag system be used in a low temperature environment?

A:  1.54 inch Electronic price tag system is a normal temperature tag that supports an operating temperature of 0~40℃.

We have 2.13 inch price tag to support the working temperature of -25~15℃.

ESL tags

7. Please click the picture below to see different sizes of ESL Price Tags.

ESL display price tag system