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  • Electronic price tag with 2.4G technology
  • Electronic price tag with 2.4G technology
  • Electronic price tag with 2.4G technology

Electronic price tag with 2.4G technology

2.4G wireless transmission technology
Wide signal coverage
Rapid price updating
Strong adaptability to environment
Different tag sizes available: 1.54, 2.13, 2.66, 
2.9, 3.5, 4.2, 4.3, 5.8, 7.5, 12.5 inches
Battery life up to 3 to 5 years with replaceable 
API/Protocol available for integration
24/7 pre-sale and after-sale service

  • Product Info

What is Electronic price tag?

Electronic price tag is also called ESL shelf tags, Electronic shelf labels, which is deployed on supermarket shelves to display price. It is widely used in supermarkets, retail stores, conference rooms, seafood markets, large chain stores. And provide a smart and convenient solution for retail users around the world.

Smart retail display price tag

ESL system with 2.4 GHz excellent transmission technology 

ESL label adopts mature 2.4 GHz transmission technology, the signal is stable, the transmission is smooth, and customers have a better experience.

The advantages of 2.4Ghz ESL compared to 433MHz ESL: 




Number of base stations supported

Support multiple base stations to send tasks at the same time (up to 30)

One only


IP67 (optional)


Response Time for Single Tag

1-5 seconds

More than 9 seconds

Scratch resistance






Communication distance

Up to 25 meters

15 meters

Languages and symbols supported

any languages and symbols

Only a few common languages 

• Advantage of Electronic price display label

1. Wireless working frequency: 2.4G

2. Long communication distance: up to 25m

3. Support any languages ​​and symbols.

4. Temperature and power sampling and three-color black, white, red independent LED function

5. Low power consumption, ultra-long battery life, no need to replace batteries frequently, and the service life of full scene coverage (refrigerated, normal temperature) can reach 5 years

6. Ultra-low power consumption: System integration is increased by 90%, power consumption is reduced by 45%, and it can refresh more than 18,000 chips per hour

7. Light, thin and strong: Integrated ultra-thin design, perfect for various scenes 2.5D lens, transmittance increased by 30%

8. IP67 protection grade dustproof and waterproof, excellent performance, suitable for various environments

9. Protocol/ API are available for integration into customer's system

10. Screen hardness: wear-resistant and scratch-resistant

11. 7-color real-time flashing status interactive reminder, quickly locate products

Electronic shelf label

What sizes are available for E-ink price tag? 

The size of electronic price tag system from 1.54” to 12.5” or customized.

1.54“ Digital price label 1.54" Digital price label 2.13“ E paper price tag 2.13" E paper price tag 2.13“ Price tag for frozen environment 2.13" Price tag for frozen environment 2.66“ Electronic price tag 2.66" Electronic price tag
2.9“ Digital shelf tag 2.9" Digital shelf tag 3.5“ ESL price tag system 3.5" ESL price tag system 4.2“ E-ink Price Tag 4.2" E-ink Price Tag 4.2“ Waterproof Price system 4.2" Waterproof Price system
4.3“ Electronic Price Labelling 4.3" Electronic Price Labelling 5.8“ ESL price tag 5.8" ESL price tag 7.5“ ESL price label 7.5" ESL price label 12.5" shelf prcie tag 12.5" shelf price tag

How does ESL label system work? 

1. E shelf label is installed on the shelf, and the E-ink screen is used to display product price, picture, specification, origin and other information. 

2. Base station is used to receive the signal from the server (software), and transmit the price change command to all price tags through 2.4GHz wireless technology.

3. Software can be installed on the local server computer in the store or the headquarters server.

4. PAD (optional) is only applicable to network software, used to bind product information and price tags quickly.

Working diagram of ESL tags 

Parameters of base station





Part NO.



Structure size






Appearance color



Operating voltage

DC 5V(Use original power supply)


Operating current

less than 200mA


Communication Mode



Communication distance

20-50 meters


Data Interface

Standard network cable interface [it is a network port away from the power end]


Operating temperature range



Storage temperature range



Operating humidity


Digital price tag has different software to choose from

Stand alone software: suitable for single store to change price at local store.

Network software: It supports integration with customer's POS system.

Demo software: Free for demo order, and one price tag can be modified at a time.

software for digital price tag

Demo Kit package for Retail shelf e ink tag 

Full size digital shelf labels test packages available. 

Free demo software will be provided to support customers' testing efforts. 

demo kit package for display price label

Highlight-one of Digital Price Labels Manufacturers in China 

1. ESL digital price tags are produced in ISO certified factories.

2. We have more than 15 years of export experience and market forecasting ability.

3. API / SDK available for ESL tag system integration.

4. 24/7 pre-sale and after-sale online service, Highlight provides professional solutions and gives

customers a perfect experience.

5. Rich product types and sizes, R&D department can also meet customers customized needs at any time.

6. 1.54” to 12.5” different sizes available.

Electronic shefl label factory


Where the E paper shelf labels can be used? 

Nowadays, retailers have more and more requirements for smart stores, and ESL is also widely adopted by many supermarket, retail stores, Grocery store, seafood market, fair, wet market.

application of electronic shelf tag

4.2” digital tags can be used in humid environment, its IP67 waterproof label

4.2 inch waterproof label

2.13” digital smart label suitable for low temperature environment

2.13 inch tag for frozen environment

How to install Digital pricing label? Is there an installation manual? 

We provide different accessories to install the tag, the installation is also very simple, and the manual, video will be provided to you. 

accessories for digital price tag

Is the ESL price labelIing powered by battery or charger? How long can it be used? 

ESL price labeling uses non-rechargeable battery packs, usually a set of batteries can be used for up to 5 years, the batteries can be easily found in the local market.

battery for ESL system

Can we integrate ESL digital price tag to our own system?  

Yes. Protocols can be provided to you, so that you can develop your own software or integrate with your system. We have many customers integrate into their POS system successfully.


What are the advantages of digital price tag compared to paper price tag? 

1. Digital price tags can be reused, reducing the cost of purchasing paper tags on a regular basis.

2. It can display more product information, such as origin, introduction, and also supports inserting pictures, which is more attractive to customers.

3. E-ink display technology that won't smudge text.

4. Modify prices quickly, save more labor costs.

5. Improve customer shopping experience

6. Different color digital price labels can provide better promotion assistance.

7. Real-time price changes


Do you have certificate for digital shelf labels? 

We have many existing certificates such as CE certificate.

If the customer's country requires relevant import certification, We have many existing certificates such as CE certificate

If the customer's country requires relevant import certificates, we can also apply for certificate from official agency.

ESL certificate


Please click below image for more details.

ESL label system