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  • HPC099 binocular camera bus passenger counter sensor

HPC099 binocular camera bus passenger counter sensor

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Installation Environment

  • In order to extend the service life of the equipment, please install the equipment as near as possible in the part where the bus' vibration is weak.
  • To make sure of the normal heat dissipation of the equipment, please avoid the poor ventilation position (such as the trunk of the vehicle) for installation, and keep the

distance of 15cm from other objects on the same plane of the equipment;

  • The counter should be installed horizontally. Please pay attention to

waterproof, moisture-proof and lightning-proof when installing the equipment, and keep the vehicle stationary to prevent the equipment from falling and being damaged.

  • To ensure the safety of the equipment, the camera, cables and other accessories should be placed in a location where passengers and drivers are not easily accessible.
  • The camera mounting height is different for different focal lengths. In order to achieve the best counting effect, the mounting height must be provided at first.



Please click the below picture for our new 3D automated passenger counting camera for bus.