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  • HPC086 Bus Passenger Counter
  • HPC086 Bus Passenger Counter

HPC086 Bus Passenger Counter

HPC086 Bus Passenger Counter

GPRS transmission

GPS tracking

In and Out counting

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Highlight people and passengers counters are compact and autonomous devices based on non-contact stereoscopic vision technology. 
They have been designed for passenger counting above the doorways of buses and rolling stocks,
as well as to count people as they enter or leave buildings or any area with restricted access.

Benefits of deploying passenger counting system: 

• Comparing and verifying fare collection figures with passenger counts 
• Validating passenger counts to justify payments due to transportation companies 
• Scheduling maintenance and cleaning based on vehicle usage 
• Optimizing vehicle load across regions, time periods, or other factors 
• Monitoring service quality


Power Supply

DC8V – 40V

Vehicle Door Width

40 cm ---- 130 cm

Vehicle Door Height

1.8 m ---- 2.4 m

Processing Delay

100 ms

Transmission Type

RS232 or RS485

Transmission Baud Rate

9600 bps

The Fastest Speed of Passenger Flow           

 2.7 m/s                          

Minimum Detection Height

80 cm

Daily Average Accuracy


Ambient Temperature

-20 - +65℃

Ambient Humidity




















Basic Configuration 

Bus passenger counting

1. Sensor (HPC086-S)

Mounted on the ceiling of the door, counts people get in or out of the bus.

2. Processor (HPC086-P)

Collect and process data then send to SD card storage module or GPRS mudule.

3. Data Cable

Connect the hosts of front and rear doors

4. Gate control switch (HPC086-M)

Gate control switch is used for controlling the processor to work or not, when magnetic field around gate controlled

switch,the signal light of magnetic switch will on then sensor stop counting.

 Automatic passenger counter

Signal light on shows door close,                              light off shows door open. 
sensor stop counting.                                                 sensor start counting

Optional solution

1. SD card storage (HPC086-SD)
Data only stored in the SD card, data can be pulled out from SD card to computer for check directly.   This solution suit for no wifi and no GPRS in the bus.

HPC168 bus passenger counter

2. GPRS module(HPC086-G)

Data will be transferred to server through the GPRS module real-time, in this solution, GPRS is needed in the bus,
and need GPRS software to check data in background.  
This solution suit for no wifi in the bus or bus station.

* If you have your own bus system or software,We recommended that you can buy GPRS module from your local,
then make integration with our bus counter directly through RS485 or Http protocol. Because the specifications
provided in China do not necessarily meet your local requirements. Because it involves compatibility, and some
integration issues.

Automated bus peple counting

3. Network Module (HPC086-N)

This solution suit for wifi available in the bus, data transferred from Network module to the server directly.   

Network software (HPC086-NS) is needed in this solution.

4. Wifi Network Module

Firstly, a Wifi Module (HPC086-W) need to be installed in the bus, then install the Network Module (HPC086-N) in
the bus station.
When bus stopped in station, Wifi Module will connect the Network Module automatically, then data
will be transferred to the server directly.


The hottest selling passenger counting system mainly recommended in the market:

our best-selling products to you: HPC168 passenger counter with 3D camera and most advanced technology.

We use the latest generation of Huawei Chips for our HPC168 passenger counter, it has high accuracy, fast caculation speed, 3D camera and all-in-one design for easy installation.

Advantages for bus people counting as below:

1. All-in-one system

2. Crowded counting
3. Anti-shake /Anti-light
4. API/protocol Available
5. High Accuracy/3D-tech
6. Auto setting by one-click
7. RJ45/RS485 /Video output
8. Suitable for mini VAN

passenger counting system

HPC168counter depth camera can be adjusted from 0-180 degrees, to meet all passenger car environment installation
requirements.The built-in wiring method enables perfect integration of HPC168counter and passenger car 
environment.Easy to install, plug and play, fully considering the convenience of the installer, we designed the
Passenger counter as 
an all in 1 system,the whole set of equipment has only one hardware part, and the installation
is very convenient. 
However, other companies use a sensor plus a processor, plus other modules, and a lot of
connecting lines between 
them are needed, and the installation is very cumbersome.

Automatic passenger counter

HPC168 bus counter specification

Our passenger counter is made of ABS plastic shell, and the Processor is also integrated in the shell,
so the total weight is very light, our counter weight is 70% less than other passenger counters on the market,
in this case, your Shipping costs will be saved a lot especially by air.
While the sensor of other companies uses a heavy metal casing, the Processor also uses a heavy metal casing.
The combination of the two will make the whole equipment heavier, which will lead to very expensive air freight,
which will directly lead to the customer's purchase cost,
the cost is greatly increased, usually customer will buy hundreds of even thousands of passenger counters,
the total freight cost difference is huge, check the photo on the left, you will see the weight difference to cause the
huge difference on freight.

HPC168 bus passenger counter

Our equipment will provide one-way RJ45, one-way RS485 and one-way video output, a complete supporting overall
solution,which can be directly connected to the transport platform through the network cable, browse report data
through the cloud platform,
and also provide private server interface program or secondary development Secondary
development of data (we will provide API and protocol),
if you use our "data box", you will be able to quickly deploy
an independent report statistics system and TV display system, if you connect a monitor,
you will be able to directly
view and monitor statistical data and dynamics video images

bus people counting

1. 1.RJ45 network interface
Via RJ45 interface and HPC168 counter connection, client tool program views or sets working status and operates parameters. At the same time, HPC168 counter submits passenger flow data to the designated server in real time through RJ45 network interface.

2. Composite video output interface
Can be connected with vehicle-mounted display to visually display passenger counting results. Can also be connected with vehicle-mounted video recorder to save the passengers dynamic video of getting-on and getting-off in real time.

3. RS485 interface or RS232 interface
Provides one-way RS485 or RS232 for third-party equipment to conduct data calls, customizes baud rate and communication ID code.

4. Vehicle door switch signal
Can receive 8-36V voltage range vehicle door switch signal input. HPC168 counter stops counting once vehicle door is closed, and automatically starts counting when vehicle door is opened.

HPC168 bus passenger counter

The HPC168 counter uses adjustment software to configure working parameters, debug or export backup data through the RJ45 network cable interface. The adjustment software can display the current visual effects of the HPC168 counter, and it is very convenient to adjust the installation angle and target statistical range according to the image information. The client supports local recording to verify the automatic counting effect of the target.

HPC168 bus passenger counter


HPC168 bus passenger counter


The below photo is another example of our installation. The bus counter has a video output port. We store the video of the bus counter in the vehicle DVR for customers to view later.

HPC168 bus passenger counter

If you have any customized needs, or our existing products cannot meet your needs, our technical team will provide you with customized products according to your request.


Please click the below picture for our new 3D automatic passenger counter camera for bus.

About Highlight

Highlight developed infrared people counter in the begining, and then kept to update it to support a better products to our customers. Now, for infrared people counter, the accuracy rate can get 95%.
To meet different requirements from customers, camera people counter is ready now. High accuracy rate, easy installation, detailed report chart, can be integrated into POS/ ERP system, 24 hours on-line support make it really popular now.
Now, we are searching agency all over the world. For our agency, there are many privilege of price, tech support and so on.
Welcome to join us!
Different models of people counter for different stores:

people counting

people counter