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  • HPC008 Camera People Counting

HPC008 Camera People Counting

More than 96% accuracy rate

Bi-directional data

Centralize software available

Free API support

Count-person only tech

Wifi/ POE available 

Real-time data updating

Remotely store management 

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Please check below video for a brief introduction, more details is below the video.


HPC008 Technology:Object-tracking




Great News!


Shanghai TV news reports: Highlight HPC008 camera people counter are installed in China Shanghai PuDong

International Airport, this "Black Tech" helps to slove the problemof taking too long time to take taxi,

it reduces the waiting time from half an hour to only 10 minutes!

Welcome to contact us for more details on it!



We support customer-flow analysis for retail industry, gallery, park, scenic spots, transportation junction, crowded square and so on


Self-owned factory makes sure the high and stable quality and fast delivery. 


With HPC008 People Counter, You will get:

High accuracy customer-flow data

Detailed data report chart

Real-time customer flow on every floor

Any change of the customer-flow data and average data

How many people in shop now

Customer-flow density at different locations

Average stay time of visitors

The rate of purchase

Data can be exported in different form for analyzing and integrating

The data can be integrated into POS/ ERP system easily

Product Show

Full set of HPC008 camera people counter includes camera, processor, software, adapter and other accessories.



High Accuracy Rate

1. It counts according to person's head, so it can solve the problem when people walking shoulder by shoulder.
2. It eliminates the invalid pass by setting a counting area.
3. Different camera for different ceiling height.

Data Safety

1. Network-off protection: The data can be saved in the device for 10,000 seconds (about 3 hours), even there is no network.
2. The data can be exported in PNG, JPG, PDF form.
3. Data backup: When the IP address is changed, the data can be backed up.

Data Transmission

1. The data can be transferred to server directly.
2. It can work in WiFi network.

Data Report

1. Detailed valid in-out-stay data.
2. Data from different entrances in different shops can be distinguished.
3. Sales info can be inputted manually. It is convenient for shop to make the commercial solution.
4. With a API, the data can be integrated into POS/ ERP system.

Power Supply

Adapter or POE as your requirement.


Installation -- Plug and play

The effective detection width per device is 2 meters. Multiple devices can be installed side by side for a wide entrance:







ARM cortex A7>1GHz(28nm)


Video Input

cmos /Simplex high definition

VideoCompression standard

H.264, YUY2

Video Definition


Image Processing

Exposure Control/ Gain Control/  White Balance/ Gamma Correction

Video Frame rate


Measuring Range


Installation Height


Port protocol

Network Interface

RJ45, 10M/100M, Adaptive to Ethernet port

Protocol Standard

802.11a or 802.11b/g

Maintenance Interface

Micro USB

SD card

Built-in, 8G~32G

Electronic Clock

Built-in, RTC module

Remote Upgrade

Upgrade By The Website

Physical Parameter










Hardware Monitoring

Hardware Watchdog




More Accurate Model Configuaration


Installation Height






2.9--3.2 M








The critical height, advised to choose a large lens


This test results is based on persons of average 1.7M


Effective width detection 2M





Recently, as the epidemic spreads all over the world, more and more public places (such as schools, corporate buildings, shops, shopping centers, hospitals, public toilets, etc.) are needed to limit the number of entrances and exits, for example, limiting the number of people entering and leaving, displaying the number of current stays on a large screen, and also providing functions such as sound and light alarms and flashing.

HPC008 camera people counting system can work as occupancy control system/ social distancing system, here is the video for your better understanding:


FAQ for camera people counting system

1. What is the accuracy rate of HPC008 Camera People Counting system? 

About 95%-96%, depending on the actual installation environment, installation method, and passenger flow.

2. What is the detection width of the camera people counter? 

A device can detect a maximum width of 2 meters. If the door is wide, multiple devices can be installed side by side.

3. Can Camera recognize the age and gender of a person? 

No. Camera does not have a face recognition function, and cannot recognize the age and gender of a person.

4. What is the appropriate installation height for the camera people counter device? 

2.6-5.1 meters. Different mounting heights are equipped with different lenses. We have a total of 6 types of lenses, and the counting is more accurate.

We also support mounting brackets, as below picture shows.

5. Does the installation environment require light intensity? Can the device work in a dark environment? 

The light intensity of the installation place should be above 100 Lux.

6. Will items such as shopping carts, luggage, boxes, etc. be counted? 

No. The device uses a smart camera with analysis function to detect the human head and shoulders, thereby automatically ignoring other objects, such as shopping carts, personal items, boxes, etc. 

7. What is the requirement of computer where you will install the software of HPC008 Camera People Counting?   

A computer with Windows system is ok.

8. What if there is no computer in the store? 

You can install the software on the server in head office, just make sure that computer/ server is in the same public internet with the camera people counter, and then the data can be transferred by internet.

9. What is the power supply way for HPC008 camera people counter device?  

There are two power supply methods for the equipment: power supply or POE power supply. The camera people counter is powered by adaptor usually.

If you want POE supply, a POE splitter is needed.


10. Is the data be-directional for camera people counting system?   

Yes, of course. You can get in and out data separately.

11. Do you support API/ SDK/ protocol for data integration with customers current system?  

API is supported. Many customers have done this successfully to their POS or ERP system. 

12. Is there a mobile app to view the data on the mobile phone? 

You can view the data on your mobile phone, but it is not an APP. You should enter the URL into browser, and then login the user name and password to view the data.


Highlight People Counter has been used in different kinds of stores: 

More models to meet different requirements:

Highlight developed infrared people counter in the begining, and then kept to update it to support a better products to our customers. Now, for infrared people counter, the accuracy rate can get 95%. 


To meet different requirements from customers, camera people counter is ready now. High accuracy rate, easy installation, detailed report chart, can be intergrated into POS system, 24 hours on-line support make it really popular now.

Now, we are serching agency all over the world. For our agency, there are many privileges of price, tech support and so on. 


Welcome to join us! 


If you are looking for Infrared people counter, please click the below picture for details: