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  • HPC015C IR people counting sensor

HPC015C IR people counting sensor

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User Manual of HPC015C Infrared People Counter

I. Installation Preparations and Instructions

  1. Battery Installation

There is a cambered notch at the top of receiver and transmitter. You can see the installation location for battery by opening the cover.


There are two touch-springs in battery compartments. One end of the spring is battery cathode; the other end is battery anode. Please make sure the installation for battery is correct.

After installing the battery in transmitter, the LED2 indicator light will flash several times; this indicates that the transmitter is working.

After installing in receiver, the indicator light and LCD screen will display, which indicates that the receiver is working.

If there is no reactivity for the device after the batteries installation, please check if the battery polarity is correct or if the battery power is normal.


2.Parameters Setting

You need to calibrate the time and set the parameters every time when installing the batteries. In order to save battery life, the display screen will shut down automatically if without any operation in 10 seconds, so you need to complete the operation quickly.


There are two touch buttons (touch area) for receiver. Touch operation is still available when the cover is buckled on.


K1 touch button is mainly used for switching and selection


K2 touch button is mainly used for saving and exiting


When the LCD screen is off, any touch on buttons can wake up the LCD screen.


2.1 Time Setting    

After waking up the LCD screen, please long press (more than 3 seconds) the K1 touch area with index finger (for large touch area, please use thumb to operate after buckling on the cover). The index finger can leave the K1 touch area until the screen shows "1. Time Setting" Use the index finger again to short press the K1 touch area (less than 1 second touch time) to select the operation contents of the display screen, namely: 1. Time Setting, 2. Data Browsing, 3. Count Period, 4. Detection Speed.


Screen Operation: Select "1. Set time", and then long press K1 to enter the settings

Press the K1 and K2 two buttons to increase or decrease the value, long press K1 to switch the year, month, day, hour and minute. After time is all setting, long press K2 to save and exit.


2.2 Set-up count period

The default count time is 0: 00-23: 59, you can modify according to the actual needs. The system will automatically enter the sleep mode outside the setting period, will not count, so that not only can extend the battery life, but also can filter the unnecessary data.


Screen Operation: Select “3. Count Period”, and then long press K1 to enter the setting.

Press the K1 and K2 two buttons to increase or decrease the value, long press to switch hour and minute. After time is all set, long press K2 to save and exit.


2.3 Set-up Detection Speed

The default detecting speed is low, can detect the fastest moving speed of 15km / h which equivalent to human trot speed. If you need to detect faster speed, you can modify the detecting speed to high speed; this way receiver can detect the fastest moving speed of 25km / h (equivalent to the speed of running).


Screen Operation: Select “4. Detection Speed”, and then long press K1 to enter the settings.

Press K1 to switch low speed and high speed. After you’re all set, long press K2 to save and exit.


NOTE: After setting up the detection speed of receiver, the transmitter's DIP switch also need to be selected to the corresponding speed (low speed, high speed), as below picture show. Otherwise, it can’t work.



  1. Cover plate

Fix the cover plate after the battery installation.

Please note the black light guide should be above the transmitting tube or the receiver.


Incorrect cover plate fixing, the transmit won’t send the infrared signal so the counter can’t receive the signal.


II. Installation of people counter and transmits

Stick the back of people counter to the installation position (1.3-1.4 meter is recommended height from the ground) with double-side tap, then red light can be seen flashing through the bar inside the counter.

Put the counter and transmit same horizon on the other side of the entrance, make sure both face to face.

The light will put off while the position is proper, and the installation is completed.


III. Data checking

The screen of people counter HPC015C are in dark usually to save battery. Touch the K1 or K2 area (the cover plate support touching directly) to check the daily traffic data. Traffic data is divided into two parts according to the movement direction, each part respectively shows the current direction of the traffic data. It will automatically shut down after 10 seconds if no operation at all.

Daily data will automatically cumulate since 0. Last 30 days data and total data of each month in the last year will be automatically saved. Display can be switched through “2 data checking” setup interface.