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  • People Counting System

People Counting System

More than 16 years of experience in people counting system industry
Dozens of people counter models for you to choose from
IR / 2D / 3D / AI technology Available
Detailed passenger flow data
API/ Protocol available for people counter integration
Using the latest high-tech chips, the processing speed is fast
Most visitor counters use plastic casing, which is safe and lightweight
OEM, ODM are available for all footfall people counter
Different people counter solutions and software for different projects

  • Product Info

Highlight is a People counting system supplier specializing in providing professional passenger flow management system solutions for global customers. We have more than 16 years of professional sales and development experience, providing the most suitable solutions for the retail industry, fleet management industry..etc.

entrance counter automatic passenger counter automatic passenger counter

Using expert technology and the power of machine learning, Highlight customer counting system accurately measures footfall by counting the number of people entering, leaving and staying at your location.

Using the network, the data is processed on the sensor itself, no additional processors are required, and real-time data can be uploaded to the server/data base.

Get the most out of your people counting solution with server software/API-integrated data reporting.
Get detailed data reports and actual occupancy in a new way. Gain insight into the future, analyze data and make strategic decisions and sales plans

3D Camera  People Counter

3D Camera

People Counter

2D People  Counting Camera

2D People

Counting Camera

AI People Counter  Device

AI People Counter


3D technology with 95%+ accuracy
Detect store traffic accurately, upload the number of people entering, leaving in real time
Supports WI-FI & LAN network
Monitor how many people in shop now
Integrate into POS/ERP system easily. Different protocol files can be provided

Plug and play, easy installation
Detailed customer-flow datareporting table
POE support for digital people counter
Free Network software is provided
All types of people traffic counting machinecomplete with CE certificatesand quality assurance

It adopts a highly sensitive image, sensor to work normally even at night as long as there is weak ambient light
AI people counter device has built-in AI processing chip,which can independently complete target identification, tracking,ounting and control locally.
It adopts IP65 waterproof technology, and can easily complete customer counting and analysis even outdoors
The detection distance of AI people counter can be in a wide range of 5-50 meters, but it is cost-effective
API/ Protocol available for AI counter system

Camera Passenger  Counter

Camera Passenger


Infrared People  Counter

Infrared People


WIFI Sensor  People Counter

WIFI Sensor

People Counter

3D technology with high accuracy
Passenger counting system is widely used in buses, trains, tourist buses, subways and other public transportation
Processor and camera all in one,easy installation
It Provides API protocol to support automatic passenger counter integration into third-party systems
Video out put function can support connect with the monitor of MDVR.
Powerful anti-shake function
One-click setting function

Infrared sensor counter can be used for doors of 1-40 meters
It’s suitable for chain store & single store
It Supports software and view data on the device screen
The data of all stores can be summarized to one server
IR people counter is simple and durable to install
API/Protocol suitable for all door infrared sensor counters

Wireless data transmission to serve
Wireless people counter can be used in dark environment
It supports rechargeable battery power supply
It can be operated on the mobile phone
Provide free server software
High quality and inexpensive


What is People counter system?

People counter System is also named as Electronic people counter, People Counter,Shop counter,Sensor counter and so on.

Head people counteris an electronic device that counts when someone passes through the detection area to count the number of people

Detailed incoming and outgoing data is displayed on the software of the human traffic monitoring system, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly.

API/SDK Files can be provided to customers to integrate into their own ERP or other systems.

Camera people counter


Highlight- Professional People Counter Solution Supplier in China. 

1. More than 15 years of professional manufacturing experience 

We were established in 2006, we have accumulated more than 15 years of professional experience in the field of Footfall People Counter, providing various intelligent People Counter solutions, such as IR counting system, 2D People counter camera, 3D Visitor Counter Cameras, AI People Counting Device. We are constantly developing and improving in the field of People Counters, more than ten kinds of retail traffic counting systems to meet the different needs of customers. The unique and simple appearance is deeply loved by customers. Simple installation and detailed technical documentation give customers peace of mind. Professional 24/7service to solve various after-sales problems of customers


2. Keen insight and market research skills 

We adhere to the concept of survival of the fittest. The upgrading of technology is always at the forefront of the times. Since 2006, when Human People Counter only stayed in non-directional technology, we have begun to develop the technology of directional Infrared People Counting System. HPC003, HPC004 to our now hot selling HPC005 Bidirectional IR Sensor People Counter.

After 2010, we continued to develop 2D Camera People Counter (HPC008), 3D People Counting Camera Device (HPC009), AI People Counter (HPC198, HPC199, HPC200, HPC201).


3. Unique and advanced exterior design 

The appearance of our People Counter mostly adopts the obtuse square shell, which is installed in the store, above the bus, etc., so that the customer will not be hurt.


4. In 2019, the world has been affected by the new crown epidemic. How can we keep a proper distance from each other to ensure our own safety? 

In the same year, according to the needs of customers and the situation of the general environment, we launched the application of the system to limit the flow of people, installed in public areas to limit the number of tourists.

When the number of people staying in the area exceeds the limit, the system will have a sound prompt.

The Occupancy Control System can also be used in conjunction with the access control system to control the opening and closing of the door if the flow of people is exceeded.

We can also develop according to the special needs of customers.

Infrared people counter


5. Highlight is supported and trusted by many global customers 

We provide professional counter solutions for end users, supermarkets, parks, retail stores, large chain stores, distributors, IT companies, fleet management companies and more.

With 15 years of experience, professional knowledge and rich export experience, it has won the love and trust of the majority of users.

Sensor counter


6. We can apply for suitable certificates according to customer needs 

Shop counter


7. I want to install the Entrance People Counter in my store, is it difficult to install? Can I complete the installation alone? 

The installation of the counter is very simple, we will provide the user manual and installation video to the customer and our professional after-sales team is available online 24/7 for you to answer or remotely operate the software installation.


8. Do you have software for People counter? How can I view the data?

Yes, we provide different people counting software, and can also support viewing data directly on the 

device screen without software.

Standalone software supports viewing data in local stores, and Network software supports summarizing 

data from all stores and uploading to the main server.

Most of our software is free.


People counting system

9. Can WI-FI people counting device be used in dark places? 

Yes, we have suitable counter solutions for dark environments.


10. Can the Automatic Passenger Counter be used outdoors? Does it have the function of counting cars?

Yes, our AI Traffic Counter can meet your requirements, it can be used outdoors, and it can also have the function of counting cars.


11. Can Passenger Counter data be integrated into third-party software? 

Yes, we support customers to use API protocol to integrate into third-party systems, ERP or other systems.


12. Where can Passenger entry-exit counter be installed? 

Entry-exit counter can be installed in many scenarios, outdoor public areas, supermarkets, retail stores, chain stores, luxury stores, parks, toilets, buses, trains, subways and other means of transportation.

entrance counter

13.Do you have a factory? Can you show me the factory environment?

Yes, we provide different products for retail which are manufactured by Professoional and ISO certificated 

people counter manufacturer.

People Counter