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  • Social distancing systems People safe counting and monitoring system

Social distancing systems People safe counting and monitoring system

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Please check below video for a brief introduction, more details are below the video.


The outbreak of Covid-19 virus in the world is intensifying, and countries around the world are actively implementing security regulations to break the Covid-19 transmission chain. Our people safe counting and monitoring system is dedicated to solving the problem of controlling the number of people in public places. It uses TVs or LEDs to inform customers whether they can enter or should wait. If the maximum number of people is reached, the TV will show a "stop", they should wait outside the door. When the number of people enters and exits, the number drops below the maximum number of people, and the system returns to normal, the system can also send a signal to close the door, to send message, to give alarm...etc.


We use advanced 3D automatic people counting camera or infrared beam people counter sensors to collect data. 

Working principle for 3D automatic people counting camera:

Working principle for infrared beam people counter sensors:


Set this system with a smartphone (Andriod or IOS)



1. Our social distancing systems can set the stay limit and alarm when it exceeds. Everything can be displayed on TV and all of these can be set through a smartphone.

2. You can upload your logo and company name, or design according to your own requirements.

3. Our people safe counting and monitoring system will have sound alarm when exceeds the stay limit, you can choose the alarm sound, or upload your own voice for personalized customization.


Infrared Beam People counter:


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