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How to use HPC168 bus passenger counting system?

HPC168 bus passenger counting system is a binocular passenger flow counter, which is frequently used in the field of public transportation. It has two lenses, and the counting is more accurate.

The lens design of the HPC168 bus passenger counter can be rotated. It uses a bird's-eye view to identify and analyze the passing objects, and perform statistical counting. When installing, we recommend that the lens is disposed downward to ensure that the statistical data of the device is more accurate. of precision.

The IP used by the HPC168 bus passenger counting solution is When we want to connect with the device, we need to change the IP of our computer to the network segment before we can connect to the device normally. After the connection is successful, enter the IP of the device on the software page, and then click the connect button, we can see the picture captured by the lens in the software interface.

Both ends of the HPC168 people counter for bus device are equipped with RJ45, RS485, power supply and control switch interfaces, which can be selected and used according to the site conditions. The device can also use WiFi to transmit data.

HPC168 passenger counter for bus has certain requirements for the installation environment. Please provide detailed installation environment information before purchasing to ensure the normal use of the device.

Both Infrared and camera people counters are available here. For more details, please click the below picture.

bus passenger counting system

bus passenger counting system


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