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  • HPC005 Infrared People Counter

HPC005 Infrared People Counter


Wireless connection to the data receiver

3-40 meters range or more

Battery: up to 1.5 year(replaceable battery)

Network available 

Directional data: in, out and stay data.

Very detailed & summarized analysis chart

GPRS transmission available 

Suitable for chain stores ( unlimited number)

WinXP/Win2000/Win7 system support

  • Product Info

Please check below short video for our HPC005 infrared people counter.


HPC005 is a advanced infrared people counter. It is accurate, reliable, easy to install, low maintenance, and very affordable. Many retailers, libraries, museums, and other businesses are taking advantage of the many benefits these systems provide. Virtually any type of business can benefit from the data HPC005 provide.

With HPC005 infrared people counter, you will get:

• Identify Your Store's Peak Hours

• Manage Your Staff Efficiently

• Increase the Dwell Time in Your Store

• Measure the Effectiveness of Your Marketing Campaigns


HPC005 IR beam people counter sensor can work as occupancy control system/ social distancing system, here is the picture for your better understanding:


What includes in a IR people counting system package? 

More pictures for infrared people counter:

In and out data on screen

When the sensors are blocked, red light keeps blinking and signs on the screen to remind:

How do you pack the infrared people counter to avoid the demage during the transportation?



1. Battery operated for truly wireless installation

2. Side and Dual IR Beam (user selectable)

3. Integrated 6-digit LCD display

4. Directional data

5. 92-96% accuracy rate

6. Up to 20 meters entrance

7. Peel-stick-count, easy installation

8. 2.5 x 2.3 x 0.98" ABS enclosures

9. Customized hardware and software

10. Data centralized for chain stores.

11. API available

12. Working in dark environment






Power Supply

1.5v/ 3.6v AA or lithium battery for sensors; Adaptor/ USB powered for DC




2.5 x 2.3 x 0.98"

Operating Temperature

-10~ 40℃


White, or Customized


All kinds of stores, library, Museum, Hospital, School



Operating Current for Receiver (RX)


Static State Current for Receiver (RX)


Operating Current for Transmitter (TX)


Static State Current for Transmitter (TX)


Detection Way

Infrared Rays

Counting Way

Straightaway Shot and Shade and then Count

Data Transmitter Period

5 Minutes from RX to DC - customized; Immediately - DC to software

RF Transmission Frequency

433MHz, Encrypted

Connection Way

RX to DC by RF Transmission, DC to computer by USB cable; or DC to the Ethernet directly (HPC005S)





Standalone software

For signal store, above windows 2003

Network software

For chain stores, above windows 2003 and SQL2005 serve.




1.2meter, face to face


≤20 meters

Fixed Way

Screws or Stickers

Range from Sensors to DC

≤40 meters



There are two softwares for HPC005 infrared people counter:

1. Stand alone software.  

This is free and used in single store. The report chart as below:


2. Network software

To centralize the data from different locations to head office.

Not free, cost $1100. More than 100 sets, this charge will be refund. 

With the network software, you can check all the data collected from different locations and compare them. 

Below is the analysis chart from one of our customer’s Chain stores, the customer can visit all store’s data at anywhere. (the English version software will be all in English)


Here is the link to test network software:
Account: hy
Password: highlight86


Peel-stick-count, easy installation

1. For a single store with one entrance

2. For a single store with several entrances

8 sensors at most can be connected into one DC, just make sure the distance between each entrance to DC is less than 40 meters. The software can distinguish every entrances. Details as below:

FAQ for infrared people counting system:

1. Are you infrared people counter manufacturer? 

Yes, as a IR people counter sensor supplier, We offer a wide variety of people counting device,please see more pictures for production process:

2.What kind of computer system is needed to install the software of IR people counting?

Now, computer is with windows system is needed.

3.What if there is no computer in the store?

Two solutions:

You can buy a mini box from us as computer

There is another item HPC005S IR customer counter, which can be connected into cabled LAN directly, and then you can centralize the data in head office.

4.What is the detection range for Infrared person counter sensor?

1-20 meters is no problem. But narrower range, higher accuracy rate.

5.How to install Infrared People Counter? Do you need a professional IT guy to install?

Very easy installation. For hardware, peel-stick is ok

For software, just need to click “next step”. If any questions, we can support remotely by Anydesk.

6.If you have a store with several doors, how many sets you need?

One whole set Infrared people counting system with another pairs of sensor is ok. 8 pairs of sensors at most can be connected with one data receiver.

7.How to power the device IR people counting?

The sensors are powered by 1.5-3.6V AA battery, which can be used for about 1.5 years. Customers can also buy batteries locally and replace them by themselves.

8. What is the data transmission tech?

RX sensor sends the data to data receiver every 5 minutes (this interval can be adjusted) by Encrypted 433mhz radio frequency,

9. Is the data be-directional?

Yes, of course.

10. What if you want to do data integration with your own system?

API is supported. Many customers have done this successfully to their POS or ERP system.

11. Is it possible to view the data on the mobile phone? Is there a mobile app?

If you have an online version of the software, you can view the data on your mobile phone, but this is not an APP. You need to open the mobile browser, enter the URL, and then fill in the user name and password to view the data.


HPC005 Infrared people counter in Real Stores

Highlight developed infrared people counter in the beginning, and then kept to update it to support a better products to our customers. Now, for infrared people counter, the accuracy rate can get 95%. 

To meet different requirements from customers, camera people counter is ready now. High accuracy rate, easy installation, detailed report chart, can be integrated into POS/ ERP system, 24 hours on-line support make it really popular now.

Now, we are searching agency all over the world. For our agency, there are many privilege of price, tech support and so on. 

Please contact us for more details. 

Highlight people counter has been used in different kinds of stores: 


If you are looking for a camera people counter, please check below: