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HPC005 Infrared people counter Product Introduction

HPC005 Infrared people counter is an infrared counting product. The data accuracy of HPC005 IR person  counter is far ahead among many infrared people counting products. It adopts the way that the base station receives data and transmits it to the server, so that the data can be transmitted more stably.

HPC005 Infrared people counter is divided into RX, TX, base station, it needs our server to install .NET3.0 or above to run normally, and secondly, it needs to use a specific driver to make the base station connect to the server normally, in our firewall It is best to add the software into it, so as to ensure the normal transmission of data.

The HPC005 Infrared people counter uses a 3.6V large-capacity battery with a battery life of up to 1.5 years. Its data is encrypted and transmitted without interfering with other people counting devices. The IR people counting system is also equipped with blocked detection. When the infrared rays are blocked for a long time, the LED light in the center of the RX will flash, the screen of the RX will display the blocked pattern, and it will be reported to the receiver at the same time. There will also be error prompts and records in the software. .

HPC005 IR people counter is equipped with stand-alone software, in which you can view real-time data display, as well as daily reports, weekly reports, monthly reports and other data reports for review.

Both Infrared and camera people counters are available here. For more details, please click the below picture.

Infrared people counter

Infrared people counter


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