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  • MRB1080p Vehicle AHD ip69K Mobile bus/taxi/truck dvr camera with nightvision

MRB1080p Vehicle AHD ip69K Mobile bus/taxi/truck dvr camera with nightvision

179° per camera, 1080P, 4 cameras can cover 360°  in car and outside, suitable for taxi, bus, pol!ce car..etc

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Please check below short video for MRB1080p Vehicle AHD ip69K Mobile bus/taxi/truck dvr camera with nightvision.

Product features for 1080P IP69K vehicle camera 360° monitoring backup camera system:

◆AHD high-definition image sensor, high-definition image quality, effective resolution of 1920 * 1080;

◆Ultra wide actual angle:Diagonal 201 degrees, horizontal 182 degrees, vertical 126 degrees。Theoretical value:(205 degrees, 193 degrees ,128 degrees)

◆Digital wide dynamic, Penetrating fog function, strong light suppression, 2D / 3D noise reduction and other functions;

◆Aluminum alloy movement, heat dissipation material, embedment seal, waterproof IP69K;

◆Light plastic material is adopted for the mounting base, which can be installed in a universal way for convenient angle adjustment

◆Small, easy to install, convenient to adjust and install

◆Low light night vision function


Product parameters for MRB1080p Vehicle AHD ip69K Mobile bus/taxi/truck dvr camera with nightvision:

Effective resolution: 1920 (H) × 1080 (V)

Effective pixels: 2.8um x 2.8um pixels

System Format : PAL

Day and night mode: Color + black and white

Signal to noise ratio: ≥ 48dB

Minimum illumination: 0.04lux

Backlight compensation: (BLC) Auto

Automatic electronic shutter: (AES) auto / 1 / 50 (1 / 60) - 1 / 100000sec

Automatic white balance: (AWB) Auto

Video output: AHD video

Space occupied by video recording: 1min ≈ 32MB

Working voltage: DC12V / 75ma ± 6mA (wide voltage 9v-18v)

Working environment: - 30 ℃ - 60 ℃


Product specifications: 

Look at the Picture(1) 

Installation and fixation:

Look at the Picture(2):1 fix base ,2 fasten screws ,3 fix cover ,4 adjust camera angle ,5 fasten camera screws

Place 1 on a flat surface, as shown in figure (2), and the diameter of the fixing hole is 4mm, as shown in figure (3). Tighten the screws 2 according to the actual situation, and then put 3 and 4 into the base to tighten the screws 5.


Adjust camera angle:

Before adjusting the horizontal angle, please hold 4 tightly, rotate it up, down, left and right to adjust the angle as shown in figure (4), and then tighten the screw 5.


Below is not original photo, if original photo, it is too big, the website will be slow, contact us for the original one.


Below is only Screenshot of PC to show you the platform, real 1920*1080


21:57 PM Low-light night vision (The Man is standing 12 meters far away) without infrared night vision.


Time:21:55 PM, without Street Lamp

MDC001 Fisheye Camera 1080P IP69K, real waterproof


High pressure water gun flushing

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