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What is automatic bus passenger counter?

With the development of cities, people's travel has become inseparable from public transport. Automatic bus passenger counters are also becoming more and more common. Bus passenger counter can better plan traffic and make travel more convenient for passengers.

The passenger flow counter is generally installed just above the effective passage width after the door is opened. Automatic passenger counter needs to be installed according to the different door passage widths and the number of doors to determine the number to be installed to cover all passage areas. The automatic bus passenger counter needs to be installed perpendicular to the on the ground, data analysis and statistics of the passing passengers are carried out from a bird's-eye view.

The realization of intelligent public transportation system needs to rely on passenger flow data. Without a large amount of data support, it can only be empty talk. Bus camera passenger counter can solve the problem of data. Bus camera people counter completely saves the passenger's ride data, organizes and displays the data, and has clear passenger flow data, which is more helpful for the intelligent bus system.

Automatic bus passenger counter can break the fixed departure time mode through data feedback and dynamically dispatch vehicles. The automatic bus passenger counter can accurately grasp the distribution law of passenger flow, and use a large amount of historical data to predict the future passenger flow law. Bus camera passenger counter can acquire passenger flow data in real time and master the distribution of passenger flow.The automatic bus passenger counter can help the construction of the city's public transportation system, provide better assistance for people's travel, and provide information support for low-carbon travel.

Both Infrared and camera people counters are available here. For more details, please click the below picture.

automatic passenger bus counter



automatic passenger bus counter


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