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What is the operating software of digital price label?

Digital price label is widely used in the retail industry. Supermarkets, pharmacies and other retail stores are inseparable from commodity information display devices such as digital shelf label.

Digital shelf labels generally consist of price tags, base stations, and operating software. Modify the display information of the price tag in the software, and then send the modified information to the base station. The base station assigns the information to each price tag through the ID of the price tag. The price tag displays these information for customers to see.

The operation software using digital price label is generally divided into several steps. Step 1: select the appropriate digital price label model template. Step 2: add the required product information on the digital shelf label template and arrange it neatly. Step 3: send the information to the designated electronic shelf label according to the ID.

In the software of digital price label, you can add any product information, price, name, picture, one-dimensional code, two-dimensional code, etc. you want to add. Digital shelf label can display these information, so that customers can clearly see the information of these products when purchasing.

Digital price tag software can even bind product information with electronic shelf labels. When we modify product information, digital price tag will automatically display the modified information, which is very convenient.

digital price label

digital price label


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