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Why use electronic shelf label?

When we go into the supermarket to buy the goods we want, we always observe the price tag of the goods and get the price of the goods and other information. If a commodity does not have a price tag to display the basic information of the commodity, it will always hesitate to buy, thus missing the opportunity to sell the commodity.

Electronic shelf label's fast and accurate display of commodity information can better improve customer satisfaction. Electronic price label also has the ability that traditional paper price labels cannot do, which is more environmentally friendly, easier to operate and faster to change prices. It reduces the production cost and time of paper price tags. Compared with paper price labels, electronic price labels are easier to maintain and lower in cost.

An ordinary supermarket also has a quantity of 2000+ goods, but only two or three or even one employee. When the commodity information needs to be modified, it will become very troublesome to replace the paper price tag. Modification, typesetting, printing, replacement and pasting require a lot of manpower. Many supermarket commodities do not have complete price tags to display information.

The electronic price label can solve these shortcomings. One person can change the price, modify the information, send it to the base station, and the price tag will display the information.

Electronic shelf label is more efficient and fast. It can be perfectly competent even if the price is changed frequently. Long service life and low maintenance cost. Moreover, the advanced electronic shelf label scheme has greater flexibility and is easy to be accepted by the market.

electronic shelf label

electronic shelf label


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